The Dos and Don’ts of Cat Treats

Cats love treats. We enjoy the taste of various flavors, just like humans. When giving your cat a special treat, there are some dos and don’ts to abide by.

DO find the best treats possible for your feline friend. Look for treats that offer flavor and variety, and you can even make them yourself! Talk to your vet about the best options for your cat’s weight and nutritional needs.

DO use treats to encourage exercise. Don’t just let your Russian Blue sit there on her perch without having to move around too much! Get her playing and jumping to encourage an active lifestyle. Reward her with treats for all the hard work that she put in.

DO use treats for training and reinforcing good behavior. Cats get a bad rap for being elusive and disobedient, unlike their canine counterparts. According to WebMD, training with treats also works with cats. Instead of practicing a good behavior once with one large reward, try training frequently with tiny, low-calorie treats.

Now here are some Don’ts:

DON’T treat your pet to toxic foods. Remember, what might be good for humans, might be harmful or even lethal to your cat. Foods such as grapes, chocolate and even alcohol should be kept far away from us.

DON’T over-do it with treats. In general, cats only need 24-35 calories per day for every pound they weigh. If your lives a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, you should tailor your treating habits accordingly. Look for treats that are non-fattening, such as catnip.

DON’T treat us for behavior that you don’t want. I know my comrades are going to hate me for saying this, but it’s a very important tip for human parents. If we beg, whine or meow loudly and incessantly, it’s in your best interest to ignore us until we realize that there is no point in doing so. Reward us with treats when we show good behavior.

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