5 ways to keep your cat happy while you are away for a long time

Hi, I’m Cheeto. I live with my mom and dad and we are one (big) happy family. They give me lots of love and play time. I really enjoy being around them — ALL THE TIME.

Pack me in the suitcase, will ya!

I like to go out with them, take naps with them, and visit them in the bathroom. When my dad is out doing his job at sea for weeks at a time, I still have my mom who can (slave for me) keep me company for a least some hours in the day.

With that said, I don’t really look forward to those times when they are both away from me for a long time. I guess they deserve to have a vacation every now and then.

When they are gone, I get to spend time at my cat sitter’s house. There I hang out with some kitty cat pals, and we all have a wonderful time together until my parents get back. In order to make our stay more cozy and enjoyable, here are 5 ways to keep your cat happy while you are out traveling.

1 Choose someone you can count on.

Whether it be a professional cat sitter, family member or friend, pick someone who you can rely on to stick to your cat’s feeding schedule, wash bowls and bedding, scoop and clean litter boxes on a daily basis, and offer some much needed play time.

2 Stock up on our favorite foods and snacks.

This one is a no-brainer. Don’t leave it to others to spend money from their own pockets to meet our needs. Either buy what we need ahead of your trip or leave money to our sitters to get the delicious cans of wet food and snacks that we love so much.

3 Establish contact with your vet

It’s not a bad idea to let your vet know that you’ll be away for a while, and to share contact information for your sitter and vet, in case of illness or emergency.

4 Keep things familiar.

Things get strange when you are no longer around and it can be a bit uneasy for us. If you plan to take your cat over to a sitter’s house, pack an article of your clothing with us because we take great comfort in your scent.

5 Keep us entertained.

Wherever we are, we like to be entertained. Kill boredom by making sure that we have good toys and get plenty of play time with our sitter. Some kitties enjoy going for a walk and some like to hang out and watch birds.

That’s my advice. If you like it, leave a comment below. Do you have any more tips for keeping us happy while you are away?

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